The Social Tea Co. Small Batch Loose Leaf Tea


Attention tea lovers - these small batch blends don't disappoint! The ethically sourced tea offerings from locally owned The Social Tea Co. are smooth, complex and delicious. 

Cream of Earl Grey
The tea it all started with. A Social Tea Co. family favourite, this Cream of Earl Grey is creamy and delicious with vanilla notes and a smooth finish.  Make a London fog by steeping in a small about of hot water and pouring steamed dairy over it and a splash of vanilla syrup. 

Masala Chai
A smooth Assam tea blended with traditional spices that give a warm and comforting finish. Makes a perfect chai latte when mixed with your choice of steamed milk or non-dairy.

Jasmine Green Tea
A beautiful aromatic jasmine scented green tea. It's smooth finish leaves your wanting another cup.  Use the same leaves for multiple cups!

Toffee Apple
Nutty and creamy toffee notes give a warm and fuzzy flavour to freshly dried fruit and tart hibiscus.

Sleep Well
Soft camomile and sweet apple notes, tempered with light mint. A soothing medley of flavours. 


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