Rosewood Winery Honey

Nutty Honey
Fresh walnuts and Rosewood’s 100% Unpasteurized Wildflower are combined to create a unique tasting experience. It’s delicious on its own, or use to top your favourite cheese (brie and blue cheese are fan favourites), salad, yogurt, or dessert.

Ingredients: Wildflower honey and walnuts. 

Smoked Honey
Smoked in-jar using 100% natural wood in a traditional smoker. The process creates a unique smokey flavour profile. Try it in your favourite bbq sauce, drizzled on pizza, on top of cheese or in coffee to add a distinct and savoury smokey character.

Wildflower Honey
Perfect for the chefs at home, it’s ideal for scooping out with a spoon to use in a favourite glazes, sauces, or dishes. Enjoy all the benefits of natural unpasteurized honey.

Mini Wildflower Honey
Mini Hex jars make great gifts, stocking stuffers or pair with our Honey Dipper as wedding favours.

100% Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey.

Produced in nut-free facility.

Fresh Cut Honeycomb
Freshly cut honeycomb by Rosewood Estates Winery in Niagara.
Add some natural beauty and delicious sweetness to your cheese platter.
*This product is seasonal.

Creamed Honey
This all natural creamed honey is made from Rosewood's Wildflower Honey. This creamy consistency makes a terrific breakfast honey perfect for spreading on toast. Do not refrigerate.

Dairy Free. 

For best results store in a dark dry place, such as a pantry or kitchen cabinet. Never refrigerate as it will speed up the crystallization process of the unpasteurized honey.