Welcome to Della Terra


Ancient food. Modern kitchen.

Olive oil and vinegar have been an integral part of cooking for centuries. With modernized equipment and innovative producers, the simplicity of oil and vinegar remains, but with amazing flavours that enhance foods and entice a more evolved palette.

Keeping it real.

We strive to source the highest quality, all natural products available. By bringing in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from both hemispheres, we are able to provide the freshest oils available in the world. Lab testing ensures their purity and that they meet our stringent quality levels.

Skip the sugar.

Our balsamic collection is completely free of any added sugars, colouring, preservatives or artificial flavours. Be sure to explore our selection of whole ingredient balsamics for true, intensely complex flavours.

It’s simple.

We all lead busy lives, but that’s no reason to make unhealthy food choices. At Della Terra we are ready to offer easy solutions for hectic lives. Browsing through our store will inspire you to eat fresh, clean and healthy and the team at Della Terra are always on hand to offer suggestions for unique yet simple ways in which to use our products.

Pick and pour.

Never leave our store without being 100% confident in the selections you’ve made. Anyone visiting Della Terra is encouraged to sample our products. We will then freshly fill your bottles with the flavours you love for you to bring them home to enjoy or share as a uniquely delicious gift.