"The Wow-Zer!" Gourmet Snacker Gift Box


Elevate your snack game and add some poppin’ flavour to your gourmet popcorn! This curated selection of fresh and flavourful extra virgin olive oils, Truffle Sea Salt and Ontario Grown-Popcorn are sure to wow the discerning popcorn lover in your life!

Each gift box is carefully hand-sealed with wax and baker's twine so that it is wrapped and ready for gifting. 

Included is a beautifully illustrated card that specifies the theme and contents of each carefully curated gift box.

Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oils
• Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil (200ml)
• White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)
Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)
Dill Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)
Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)
Persian Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil (60ml)

Black Truffle Salt (65g)

Gourmet Popcorn (454g)
Ontario Grown, Non-GMO

Precision Pour Spout

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