Bella di Cerignola Olives with Lemon - Favuzzi


Native to southern Italy, the Bella di Cerignola olive has an elongated shape similar to that of a plum. Its flesh is firm and crisp, but not hard, and it offers a rich and flavourful taste. 

These olives are created in a blend of natural oils and aromatics that can then be enjoyed in salads or in cooking or on a charcuterie board.

Excellent as pasta sauce, or accompanying meat, vegetables and cheese, but also these olives are so delicious and perfect, they can be consumed on their own. In antipasti platters, they will shine next to cold cuts, artichokes and cheeses accompanied by bread, taralli, pizzas or focaccias. Pairs nicely with meat and fish dishes as well.

Crushed green olives (Bella di Cerignola) 56.4%, Sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Lemon 3%, Lemon flavour 0.8%, Garlic, Sea Salt, Acidifier: citric acid.

May contain: Milk, Fish, Peanuts, Tree nuts.

*Olives contain pits.

After opening, cover with oil and refrigerate.

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