Cathy's Kombucha - Micro Batch Raw Kombucha (750ml)


Cathy's Kombucha is made with an artisan blend of the finest organic loose leaf teas: Black, Green, and Rooibos. They source Fair Trade and Ethically produced teas, organic and local dried fruits, herbs and botanicals (whenever possible). There are no artificial colours, flavours, juices, or sweeteners in this premium all natural kombucha. 

All blends are brewed in 2 gallon GLASS containers to ensure the cleanest taste possible.

The following flavours are top sellers making it an easy way to consume Kombucha. The hard part is choosing just one! 

Black Currant: Treat yourself with the bold flavour of black currants.

Ginger Peach: An easy drinking Kombucha. Peach forward with a hint of ginger.

An easy drinking Kombucha.

Fermented products produce trace amount of alcohol which acts as a natural preservative. Cathy's Kombucha is under the legal limit of 0.5%, and is considered non-alcoholic.

Because Kombucha is a raw product, it should definitely be refrigerated after opening. (It tastes best cold anyway.) Cathy's Kombucha is made using the ancient, traditional method used in the monastery - well before refrigerators were invented. Their independent lab results show it is still safe to consume when unopened at room temperature for up to one year.

Scoby: Because Cathy's Kombucha is NOT pasteurized, the enzymes are alive and thriving, forming a gel-like SCOBY that can be referred to as the "daughter". It is rumoured that in some countries the baby SCOBY is reserved for the elders (out of respect); in other countries people fight over who gets to consume the SCOBY or "bang for your buck". Some people prefer to strain the gel with a tea strainer, while others will put it in their smoothies, chew it like a gummy bear, or just gulp it straight down. At bare minimum, throw it in your dog’s or cat’s water bowl or toss it into the garden, because it is loaded with the "good stuff".

Is the sugar? Yes! You need the sugar to feed the SCOBY during the fermentation process so the magic can happen! The SCOBY is a fibrous symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The yeast consumes the sugar and produces ethanol and Carbon Dioxide. The ethanol is consumed and produces organic enzymes and probiotics in a naturally effervescent beverage.

Established in 2011, Cathy's Kombucha began as a passion project when Cathy's father, Vincent, had been living with bladder cancer and was given only a few months to live. 

Following her faith, Cathy visited a monastery in Quebec to ask for prayers for her father, and was offered a drink by the nuns. The cold, fizzy, slightly tart drink was unlike anything Cathy had tasted before.  The Sister explained it was a fermented tea that was “good for everything”.  She further shared the many benefits that had been anecdotally associated with drinking Kombucha, due to the good bacteria, vitamins and organic acids it provides. 

Cathy was gifted the Monastery’s ancient recipe, traditional brewing method, and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast).  Where every batch of our Kombucha continues to be fermented with a daughter from the original Mother SCOBY! 



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