The Garlic Clubb

Black Garlic

Black Garlic is produced by heating whole bulbs of fresh garlic in a humidity controlled environment in temperatures of 130 to 170 degrees F for 15 - 30 days. No additives, no preservatives... just pure garlic.

Complex flavour that is both sweet and savory. Adds a delicious savory taste, known as umami, to any dish. Deepens and intensifies flavour with a molasses-like richness with tangy garlic undertones. Tender soft, chewy texture with a consistency similar to a soft dried fruit with flavours reminiscent of “balsamic vinegar” and “soy sauce,” “licorice” and “tamarind” with a sweet “prune-like” taste. Adds a richness to anything you cook and is used as a flavour enhancer by many chefs.

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are one of nature’s culinary gems and are magically delicious. Salt fermented scapes are ideal for soups and sauces, salad dressings, meats and vegetarian dishes. They are a subtle alternative to fresh garlic, but much easier to use.

Taken straight from the garden, finely chopped and placed in sealed glass containers with pure Himalayan pink salt. No additives or other ingredients.


All garlic is organically grown and hand selected in Quebec.