Pink Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar

  • The delightful crispness of Pinot Nero Rosé Balsamic blends beautifully with pink grapefruit. Bursting with tangy fruitiness, the citrus notes make a delightful vinaigrette when combined with our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


    • Drizzle over citrus fruit salads

    • Dress spinach, tangerine slices and pecans

    • Splash over seared scallops or grilled fish

    • Make a cocktail mixer with gin, soda and rosemary

    • Mix with Persian Lime to top sliced avocado

    Storage: Cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight. Temperatures not to exceed 25ºC. For best flavours, consume within 36 months.


  • Basil Olive Oil
    Herbes de Provence Olive Oil
    Rosemary Olive Oil
    Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil
    Medium Premium EVOO

  • Please check back for recipes featuring this product.

  • Della Terra White Balsamic Vinegar - Honeybell Orange

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