'No Refund' All Natural Hot Sauce

After creating two suicide sauces (4-Alarm & Adam’s) that had patrons self-combusting & crying that it was too hot, Toronto restaurateur Adam Brown had to politely say TOO BAD; who orders suicide sauce, only to send it back for being “too” hot?! And so, No Refund Hot Sauce was born with a clear message.

A few years later, Adam reconnected with internationally renowned Chef Greg Couillard, best known for his incredible facility with spices and an enduring love of tangy, complex and fiery condiments.

Having a mutual passion for intolerable heat, they worked together to expand the brand and began conjuring up intense & kaleidoscopic flavour-bombs that were bound to elevate any dish they’d accompany.

No Plain Jayne
Inspired from Island Caribe sauces of Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago using scotch bonnet chillies, roasted shallots, garlic & finished with white balsamic vinegar, this girl’s No Plain Jayne. Heat Level 8/10

Conjured & crafted with a distinct blend of scotch bonnet, habanero & bhut jolokia ghost peppers, Adam’s provides unique layers of fire & flavour few will truly be able to entertain. So you want hot? Careful what you wish for... Heat Level 8/10

Created to be the best everyday hot sauce, roasted scotch bonnets, habanero, garlic & onions, partnered with emulsified pepperoncini & apple cider vinegar, we’ve done just that! Excellent addition to your wings, chili, eggs & Caesars. Heat Level 6/10

Icky Sticky
Icky Sticky is best described as Paula Deen meeting General Tao.  A tamarind, hoisin & sweet chili base with a kick of No Plain Jayne. Add to crispy chicken, pork, shrimp, or make a kick-ass stir fry. Heat Level 4/10

Mango Mamba
Mango purée, fresh chopped ginger combined with a blend of Ghost, Scotch Bonnet & Scorpion chillies.   This sauce is both fresh & sneaky. Heat Level 4/10