Cheese Making Kits

Each kit contains all of the ingredients, instructions and any special tools required to make cheese right in your own kitchen. All you will need to supply is the milk and some basic kitchen equipment.

Lotsa Motsa
A wonderful cheese making experience for beginners. Cheese can be made in 1 hour or less, so you will see the results without having to wait for a few days or weeks to eat your delicious creations.
Produces: 30 batches (400-500g each)

Proud Poutine
Yes, it's true . . . you can now make your own poutine curd!
It's nothing short of a kitchen miracle ... poutine in your own home!
Produces: 8 batches of curd. (9 servings per batch)

Artisanal Feta
Feta is easier then you may think. You can make your own additive and preservative-free feta with cow or goat milk.
It's Feta..bulous!
Produces: 10 batches (400-500g each)

This kit gives the rewarding experience of creating a block of cheese ... seeing it stand boldly and proud in your fridge with a beautiful coat! Make your choice of plain, chive, jalapeño, beer, wine or whiskey infused cheddar.
Produces: 8 blocks (400-500g each)

Watch the Lotsa Mozza tutorial here