DesBarres Chocolate

Craft chocolate, bean to bar chocolate, small batch chocolate, micro-batch chocolate. DesBarres Chocolate is all of these.
Vegan. Gluten Free. 38g.

Kilombero 72%
At 72% the result is a smooth bar with slight complexity; earthy chocolate, slight caramel and just a hint of citrus. 

Monte Grande 72%
Ripe with flavours of honey and caramel with a sweet and rich chocolate base. Joy!

Midnight Mocha
The bold, rich flavour of fresh roasted, full city roast, coarsely ground coffee with Dominican Republic cacao and its complementary mixed berry, dried fruit profile. The delicious crunch of coffee coupled with the smooth texture of the chocolate are perfect for perking up or winding down.

Ambanja 72%
Smooth chocolate flavour with immediate aromas of cherry or raspberry and exemplifies the complexity of fine flavoured cacao. 

Maya Mountain 72%
This bar highlights the special flavours in the Maya Mountain cacao, a bright chocolate with light tropical fruit and a honey sweetness.

Black Pepper & Cardamom
The thoughts were of chai spices when this bar was created. The mixture of cardamom and pepper with the deep earthy chocolate flavour of the Tanzanian bean is an award winner and favourite.