Tasting Techniques

Learn how to taste olive oil

  1. It's best to start your tasting experience with a ‘mild’ oil, working your way up to a more ‘robust’ varietals.
  2. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of oil into a tasting cup. Hold the cup in the palm of your hand to warm the oil. With your other hand, cover the top of the cup as you gently swirl the oil around. This helps release the aromas of the oil.
  3. Partially remove your hand covering the cup and bring the cup to the base of your nose. Inhale 3 separate times, with pauses in between. Note the aromas you experienced during the quick inhalations.
  4. Begin to taste the oil by drawing it into your mouth while at the same time taking air into your mouth to make a “slurpy” sound. Be careful not to swallow the oil at this point.
  5. Roll the oil around in your mouth, ensuring that the sides, tip and back of your tongue are thoroughly covered.
  6. Note the flavours, fluidity and consistency that you are experiencing. Are the flavours peppery? Fruity? Creamy?
  7. Once you are satisfied with your tasting, you can either swallow the oil in your mouth or spit it out.
  8. You can sip some water in between tastings if you plan on tasting multiple varietals.